Hello there!

Welcome to taKotryna. I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. I moved back to Europe to finish my studies in Tourism. I am a free spirit who enjoys a multi-cultural environment,  individuals with unique minds, and I look for inspiration everywhere I go. My greatest passions are travel and fashion. I post pictures and write about my personal style ideas, travel stories, and way of life. My mind is constantly changing. I am evolving. I learn new things and grow everyday, why don’t you come grow with me?

Polaroid of meHow my love for fashion and travel came to be: The two most influential women in my life were my mother and my grandmother. My grandmother was the most meticulous seamstress around: trusted by all, questioned by none. As for my mother, back when flared jeans were the only type of pants everyone was wearing, my mother bought me my first pair of skinny jeans; they were RED. She told me “Don’t worry, everyone will be wearing them soon”, and I believed her. She was right. That’s when I knew I could trust her.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. -Mark Twain

My family’s trips to Las Vegas were the trips that created my need for future travel. The breathtaking scenery of the Grand Canyon mixed with the exiting Las Vegas lights, all in one week? I was hooked. Through out my college years I have been traveling around Europe- London, Paris, Rome, Ryga, Bangkok, Valletta, Tbilisi, Prague, Antwerp, and more. I want to share my experiences, and maybe help others add destinations to their travel plans. I have yet to write about all of them, but I will get there eventually.

Today is the first day I share my thoughts and experiences with the world: January 30th, 2016.

-yours truly, taKotryna